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MartinMartin Jan Ogrodnik was born in 1950.
Ever since childhood he sought to express his thoughts and feelings artistically through drawings and watercolour-paintings.
In the early 1970’s, he studied graphic art in a private studio for three years. Later on, he gradually developed a great interest in painting with oil, which would eventually become his favorite technique and preferable form of art.
Since 1992, he also spends some of his time working with computer-aided design, layout and graphics; illustrating and creating record-covers and sketches to future paintings to name a few. But “still, a software that can recreate the original feeling in holding a brush in your hand and smelling the oil, is yet to come”, he says.
Representation by:
Private collections around the world.

For further reading about Martin Jan Ogrodnik’s painting please consult:

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Nominated by the Internal Committee to participate in the Fifth Annual International Biennial
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